Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday in the pasture

Yesterday I spent a little time in the pasture with the Striker and ZoomZoom.  They're two weeks old now.  Mamas, Ginger and Smudge, have relaxed their watch a bit, allowing the two boys to roam the pasture together.  As I've said before, ram lambs are spunky and curious.  It didn't take them long to feel comfortable with me.  This is absolutely the best part of raising sheep!

Smudge and Striker
Ginger and ZoomZoom

The boys are curious, but the mamas still stay close.

Striker is such a romancer!

And I'm happy to say that our last mama, Buttercup, lambed out on Friday of last week.  She had a pair of twins, both black and both rams!  Straight run of boys this season!  More on Buttercup and her family in the coming week.


  1. Looks like Striker is smiling , so precious , looking forward to more pictures

  2. They are wonderful. It's great when you can spend time with them, isn't it?

    Love your snood, by the way. It's fabulous!

  3. I love those little faces...and yes, I'm sure that's a smile! Life is good...

  4. It's funny, I originally started following your blog for the sewing, but sometimes pics of sheep and geese in my blogroll is just what I need to cheer my day :)

  5. Oh that face! We are raising goats, but those lambs just melt my heart...Love you dress too!


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