Monday, June 11, 2012

BoPeep Collectibles

As my 'BoPeep' identity has taken shape over the past years, I'm always on the look-out for sheep-related items.  I'm especially interested in vintage pieces (shocking, I know) and tend to avoid the primitive, folk-art sheep.  No offense to those of you who collect primitives.  I've seen a lot of tempting ones, but it's just not my style.  Here are a few of my favorites...

One of the first pieces I got was the 1960s MIRRO mold from my mother.  Every Easter I bake up the most delicious Yoda cake you've ever seen!  I'm not so great with detailed frosting, and all the features sort of disappear under that layer of buttercream.

I purchased this 1916 sheet music off etsy a couple of years back.  It's framed and hanging by my 1922 piano.  The same piano that is putting way too much stress on the ole floor joists, and who's favorite song is 'Chopsticks,' plunked out by my kids.

While this next one is technically a Little Boy Blue print, I had to make an exception.  It's a 1947 advertisement for Life Bras by Formfit.  The poem reads,

Little Boy Blue,
Awake from your sleep.
The girl of your dreams
is bewitching your sheep.

How does she do it?
That's plain to see;
It's the glamour she gets
from her Life Bras three.

From morn, 'til night,
At work, at play,
Be a dream girl too
The Formfit way.

At a local rummage sale, I found this sweet little lamb mold.  He's only 5x7 and looks great hanging above my stove.

Yet another etsy purchase was a cover from an early '40s notebook.  It is an appointment book, printed by Brown and Bigelow, for a rubber company out of Missouri.  Fun fact: SNAFU and FUBAR were terms coined during the Second World War.  And we think we're so smart these days?!

I also seem to have a growing stand-alone collection of BoPeep Ammonia bottles.  I purchased one of the glass ones and received the other two from friends. Now, of course, I'm on the look out for other versions.

And some of you may have seen these before - my peek-a-boo pin-up towels.  I've made a few different versions for friends, and it was only a matter of time before I made a BoPeep one!  I used pink scraps from a dress I made last summer.  She's hanging above my stove, too.

I also have a few of the standard fare prints, shepherd girls out in the pasture, that sort of thing.  A small stuffed Lambchop (from the famous Shari Lewis duo) sits on a shelf in my sewing room.  I typically rescue orphaned lamb figurines from disbanded Nativity sets and tuck them about.  My collection is not overpowering.  It's a subtle reminder that there is a flock of sheep, just outside my door, that are always ready for a little ear-scratching.


  1. Funny! You collect sheep like I collect chickens. I, too have a MIRRO pan (of an easter chick), and a copper mold of a chicken. I love the music, though, what a fantastic find. I was psyched when I found NOT only a milk glass hen (milk glass being an obsession), but a milk glass rooster. I was over the moon!

    And I'm horrible at decorating the shaped cakes, too. You're Yoda comment reminded me of my daughter's 6th birthday when I did a MIRRO kitty cake. It was the ugliest thing that's ever been created, I'm sure of that. I was surprised no one lost their appetite. I haven't done one since. The world's a better place for it.

    1. I haven't ever seen a chick, but I do have a bunny mold. For some reason, that one turns out much better than the lamb. And I've made my fair share of ugly cakes, but what the heck, once you decapitate the poor thing, no one cares anymore. lol


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