Sunday, August 26, 2012

Help Name This Block!

Does anyone know the name of this quilt block?

Several years ago I found an advertisement in one of my mother's Quilter's Newsletter magazines.  I don't recall if a product was being sold or an event was being promoted, but along the bottom of the page were a series of different blocks.  This was one of them.  It's been a long time in the making, maybe going on three years now?  You know how it goes; school clothes and Christmas gifts always take precedence.

I drafted up my own dimensions, ending up with a finished 12" square.  I liked the Square in a Square design in the center.  It's such a classic element.  And then I have a pension for Half Square Triangles (so easy and fun to make).  Since I'm using the LazyGirl Flying Geese method and my EZ Angle ruler for the half square triangles, it really cuts and assembles pretty quick.  Essentially I'm making nine sections and then putting them together.  Simple in layout, but it totals up to 49 individual pieces per 12" block, making it look more complicated.

My color choices started in my bedroom.  Really.  One October morning, facing a day of gardening cleanup, I threw on olive cargo pants and a light blue t-shirt.  Guessing I'd still be cold in the Autumn air, I tossed on a rust-red sweater.  My reflection in the mirror caught my eye; those three colors - olive, rust and cool blue - made me think.  I wore those same clothes for three days straight as I was so enamored with that combination.  Going to my fabric stash, I started pulling everything that fit the bill.  I added black for accent and decided on the beige and red shirting at the bottom of the above photo.  I had two yards of this and knew it would make a great background.  The prints span from Civil War reproductions to Thimbleberries to Kansas Troubles to MODA marbles and Floral Fusions to contemporary blenders.

I've always enjoyed cutting fabrics for a new project.  Matching up print combinations, stacking piles and knowing you've got one block ready to sew, is so rewarding.  I know there are many of you who love your Go! Baby fabric cutters, but I'll stick with my rotary!  So I whacked away, using every scrap I could to ensure the most diversity, and started sewing. 

I have nine blocks completed and assembled now.  This will be the center of my quilt.  I'm planning to go lap size for the couch as these colors match the living room very well.  Now I need to decide how to border this to make it bigger.  I only have a scant one yard of background left.  I'm thinking rows of flying geese with a corner stone of some sort followed by two solid (or pieced) borders of varying widths.  Really, I have no idea yet.

But I need help naming this quilt.  The only thing I've come up with is Bluebirds in the Barnyard (singling out the blue triangles in the corners).  Any suggestions from you creative minds out there?  Thank you!


  1. Help name your block?
    I'm afraid I'm no help. I had trouble naming my blog; now, I'm having trouble naming my etsy shop!

    I love your's beautiful. You've got a wonderful talent to be able to see these things in abstract!


  2. Very pretty quilt. When I look at it, I see Fish Nibbling Toast.

    And if you're wondering, why is most of the water tan?, well that's all the crumbs. . . . (oh, and the red and green on the toast is plum jam and jalapeno jelly).

  3. This is a really neat pattern and I like your color choices which is odd for me as I usually go for really brights! Pulled fabrics from my stash and gonna draft/do a couple of potholders. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I am not sure what quilt block this is. The closest I can come is Summer Winds variation. It is a beautiful block. I like the colors. Good job.

  5. I'm sorry I don't know the block's name but I'm totally in love with your color choices!! I think I like the Bluebirds in the fits. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love it! I'm finishing up a t-shirt quilt for a friend and yours has put me in the mood to finally start a quilt I've been wanting for almost 20 years (it's in an old magazine I got as a teen)!

    I was thinking "Summer Apples" as a name - the red and green remind me of apples (which I also have on my mind since it's nearly apple picking season), but the middle square has a 4th of July feel to it. Or, how about "Bluejay Jamboree"? (Every year, we have a bluejay convention in our yard - around 30 of them just congregate and socialize!)

    1. I really like "Bluebird Jamboree." The colors say Autumn to me so maybe "Last of the Bluebirds?" like they're leaving for the season.

    2. ooOOoo, I like the apple idea! Bluejay Jamboree is cute too. The 'leaving for the season' imagery also fits this quilt well.

      How about combining those thoughts as "Bluejays Snitchin' from the Apple Crates", aka "One Last Snack for the Road"?

      The bluejays around here would so do that, given half a chance.

  7. "fish in dish" isnt it nice


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