Monday, August 20, 2012

Symco Shakedown low-down

Catchy title, huh? After a week of being back home, I think I'm finally unwound now.  Everything is accounted for, unpacked and followed up on.  It was a great four day weekend.  Weather was perfect.  Girls were gorgeous.  Vintage campers and bicycles were everywhere this year.  Bands were rocking.  How long should I keep this up?  Cars were chopped, channeled and shaved.  Met up with old friends; made new friends.  Truly an awesome experience.

My August apron really came in handy!
Thursday afternoon Hank and I rolled in and set-up camp.  Without the kids, the ole '68 Scotty felt downright spacious!  My mother babysat the kids and the sheep at the Homestead for us.  It was a welcomed weekend for Hank and I; we got to step out of the parenting role for a few days. 

Friday morning was stage prep for the pin-up contest.  I had purchased two pieces of stretch lace in 7-8 yards lengths at the thrift store.  We used these to swag the backdrop of the stage.  Now that's it's all done, I think I may make them into a peignore set!

Two thirds of the stage was used for the pin-ups while the other open space to the right was for the band.  A doorway was created in the middle.  As each girl was introduced by the hostess, she entered at center stage, stepped up on the platform and did her best pin-up poses.  Cameras were everywhere!  But I get ahead of myself...

...late Friday afternoon we hosted a calendar signing with the pin-ups from last year's contest.  It was great to have all the girls back together again.  Miss Symco 2011, Sweet Pea, is seated in the center of the photo, wearing the red hat.

Friday at midnight I helped organize the first annual Symco Shakedown Burlesque Show.  Our three performers were fantastic, and the show went over very well.  But I didn't get to bed until almost 2am.

Saturday morning came much too early, but the with all the extra hands I had helping me, things went smoothly all day.  The photo at the left is me changing into my "fancy shoes" just before the contest.  I found a pair of those clear plastic, rhinestone heels at the thrift store.  I was surprised at how comfortable they were.  Didn't use a single one of my band-aids!

The pin-up contest went off without a hitch.  Twenty-eight beautiful ladies, one gorgeous hostess (seated, wearing the embroidered peasant top) and my Hometown Victory Girls, Wild Kat and Peachie.

And Miss Symco 2012 is Apocalypse Meow!  More photos on the facebook page.

After the contest wrapped up, the top twelve placing girls went onto the grounds to take calendar shots with our photographers.  Shooting finished around 2pm on Saturday, and finally my work was done.  Hank and I could relax.  See those smiles of relief!  lol

Next time I'll blog about my dress, but yes, I did make it using a late '50s pattern. The ivory bodice has a small floral print with flock flowers (!) and the skirt is a sheer nylon.  Unfortunately my crinoline kept sliding down all day and peeking out the bottom.  But it was comfortable and flouncy!

Here's Hank and my best friend, Samantha, chilling on my '50 Ford.  Hank's red Chevy is parked next to it.

And now I'm back on the homestead, picking beans and gathering school supplies.  Time to check the flannel nighties to see if they'll last another winter and decide which sheep to breed this fall.  The weekend was fun while it lasted.  Symco really steps you out of reality for a few days; the cars, the clothes, the music.  I guess you could argue that it's just a bunch of adults playing dress-up.  But boy, until you've experienced it, you don't know what you're missing.


  1. It looks like a ton of fun! So glad you shared the pics. I just sit and swoon over your camper!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. We have car shows but nothing like that. I would love it if we did. So I guess I'll just have to live thru you and your pictures. Thanks you for sharing with this wishful heart.

  3. So awesome! I agree with Brenda -- looks like so much fun! Vintage heaven!

  4. I love it! Would you mind telling me what pattern you used for your petticoat?


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