Monday, June 24, 2013

Shetland Rams for Sale

It's time to scale back the flock a little, and unfortunately that means a few of my sheep need to find new, happy homes.  Could it be at your farm?

Sheepy Hollow Dexter (shown at far right), NASSA # S27655, born 4-9-2008, white/flecket. Used as breeding ram for several years, offspring on-site. $75

Yearling black ram (shown at far left). Both parents on-site. Great conformation and horn growth. Sired by Dexter (above) and Sheepy Hollow Buttercup, NASSA # S22623. Born May 2012. Currently unregistered - $50. Can be registered at time of sale - $75.

And the cutey in the middle with the white nose is staying.  Sorry!  Shadow is so docile and mild-mannered, I can't bear to part with him.


  1. We're up to that point, too. I think we're going to start with the chickens. Too much feed for not enough egg money. The goats I've already started to think about as well, since I've decided to use the herd solely for our consumption.

    It's a tough thing to do, but we all have to consider what's best, don't we?

  2. They all look so handsome.. Hope they find new homes soon.

  3. Brings back a memory from about 1982....we had borrowed a ram named "Chopper' to entertain our lady sheep. Now, our sheep were pretty docile, 'ol Chops, not so much... I was in the corral and turned my back, here came Chopper at me, head down. Cornered,I drew a fist and got him with a right cross right across his snout! He staggered back, and I dove the h**l over that fence!

  4. Haha! Yes, I've been rammed by more than one fiesty boy. Luckily it's never been a full-grown ram, only the little guys that are testing their boundaries. Key is to step towards them, get right up into their face, so they can't get any distance/speed up to hit you. Then you slap their noses. Stomping and clapping sometimes helps, too. But I always know where my getaway route is!


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