Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bring out cher DEAD!

Well, technically speaking, you should be bringing out anything that's still alive or anything that might still have a fighting chance.  And leave the dead where it lies. 

Of course I'm talking about that last, big, round-up through the garden which very firmly closes the chapter on Summer.

Grab any tomatoes that might have avoided last night's frost.  Green ones are great fried, but they'll still ripen if you leave them in a warm windowsill. 

Take one more look at your bean plants.  This year we picked all the dried beans and will shell them to make soup or perhaps plant for next year's garden.  Will that work?

 Then pull all those bean vines and toss them over the fence for the sheep.
Sheep are almost as good at composting as chickens!

Sunflowers should also be drying now.  Cut the heads and bring them into the house to finish off.  Have the kids pull the seeds and definitely save these to plant next year!  I know this works!

Don't forget about your onions and carrots!  If they're like mine, they'll be buried under copious amounts of mulch and weeds.  But these babies are just bursting to get out!

And have pity on the poor cabbage.  Though the slugs sure did a number, I think it will still make a nice batch of sauerkraut.

It's always a good feeling at the end of the season to know that you did your garden proud.  You planted, weeded and harvested.  You froze and canned and snuggled into the root cellar enough to get you long into those cold winter months.  

So take a minute to congratulate yourself on another year well done!

And don't stress over those cherry tomatoes.  I don't know a gardener out there who can say that they've  used every one!  Definitely leave those where they lie.


  1. I love green tomatoes!! I often fry them, but last year I made a green tomato spice cake (with cream cheese frosting) and it was amazing! It was one of the best cakes I've had in a long time. If I can find the recipe again I will be making it again this year. I've also used green tomatoes in salsa :)

  2. I'm doing the same thing today.

  3. this sunflowers are huge!
    i hope for the next year to get the herb garden started, the last 2 years (and the first with a garden ever) i had only flowers and few herb plants. still learning. gardening is a great experience for me :-)

  4. Been working on that myself. With me, though, the tomatoes have been done, it's the bell peppers I have 400 pounds of, and I'm not sure what to do with them. UGH!

    But yes....cherry tomato bits all over the place. Methinks I will have a large number of "volunteers" next year....sigh....

  5. My husband & i took such great joy in bringing in the last of the carrots & green tomatoes. And just barely in time, too! (snow last night!!) already excited to be planning for next year's garden :)

  6. We always have way more cherry tomatoes than seems possible, too, lol.


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