Thursday, December 19, 2013

Retro Restyle: Foxy t-shirt

My daughter's second favorite animal is a fox (the first being a horse) so when I saw this t-shirt for a mere $3, I grabbed it up.  The snuggled-up arctic fox was adorable and glittered and on a background of aqua (her second favorite color).  Perfect!  The only problem was that the shirt was an extra-large.  But assuming I could talk her into a new tote bag or pillow, this was actually not a problem. 

Can't get easier than this!

Three pieces.  Easy-peasy.

As it turned out, she preferred a jumper.  Still not a problem.  I used McCalls 9154 for a basic shift dress.  I decided to add an acetate lining to give the jumper stability and better drape.  After sewing the front darts, I handled the knit and lining as a single piece and constructed the rest of the dress. 

Still a bit big perhaps but I'm okay with that!

Center back zipper
Used the original t-shirt hem

From start to finish, this jumper took about three hours one morning.  I happily left the kids in front of their Saturday Morning cartoons.  I didn't get dressed.  I didn't do chores.  I re-filled my coffee cup and headed straight for the sewing room.  Ahh, some days you just can't beat a little instant gratification and some much-needed sewing therapy!


  1. sooo cute!
    and how clever the use of a lining!

  2. All I want for Christmas is some of your time MAGICment!

  3. Looks great. Still wishing I had your sewing talent.

  4. That's a really good idea! I would never have thought of making a jumper out of a t-shirt.

  5. Your daughters' jumper came out so cute! She is going to remember this forever-trust me. My grandmother would make my sister & I dresses and I loved everyone of them. Isn't it nice that something so simple makes her very happy! Happy Holidays!!
    Christine in Tucson


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