Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Frigee-Maid Cookie Mold

This was one of those quirky thrift store finds that I just couldn't pass up.  I love refrigerator cookie recipes, but never quite got the hang of wrapping the wax paper properly.  Frigee-Maid to the rescue!

And it's even made in Wisconsin!

Thank goodness my fridge looks like that otherwise they may not turn out!
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The set came with three different shaped molds; a heart, square and flower.  The long plunger used to press out the cookies was missing, but I was able to improvise.  And unfortunately the recipe book was also gone.  Instead I turned to my trusted 1960s Betty Crocker cookbook and used her fruit-slice cookie recipe. It's a simple butter cookie with orange, lemon or lime zest. 

The molds filled easily, and I left them to chill overnight.  After letting them warm up a bit the next day, I pushed out the dough, sliced and baked.  It was so much better than wax paper!

The dough pushed through without getting goo-booed up.  And I was even more surprised to find that all of the dough moved through cleanly.  Those of you who make the classic spritz cookies know that dough always gets behind the screw-down plunger on those Mirro Cookie Presses.

This was a nice addition to my cookie plate during Christmas.  A quick recipe that wasn't too sweet.  I think they'll become a go-to for lunchboxes as well. The Frigee-Maid evens boasts that it is the only mold that can handle fruit and nuts so I may have to try that next time.  In any case, it's always nice to try something that diverges from the usual chocolate chip and oatmeal!


  1. Great find! LOVE that it was made here!

  2. we call this "mürbchen".
    i always use butter, unprocessed cane sugar and 1 egg (ca. 1/4pound sugar - mostly less; 1/2pound butter; 1pound flour; tablespoon cold water). after that you can pimp the recipe with grounded nuts, cacao, spices, raisins............
    same recipe as a bottom for a fruit tarte, baked up side down. with less sugar and a little salt for veggi quiche......
    guten appetit!

  3. I would love to find one of those. That will defiantly be on my list of things to find the next time we go antiquing.


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