Thursday, May 15, 2014

And we christened him, Melvin

Oh my!  It's been nearly a week already since Melvin was born, and I totally forgot to post pics! I did get these up on my facebook page because we all know that nothing happens until you post it on fb (sad commentary on our world today).  But then I selfishly skipped my way back out to the barn and plopped down in the hay to spend hours enjoying this little guy.  

Another first-time mother, Melly, has been doing a fantastic job, just as I knew she would.  She's the friendliest ewe in the flock and consequently her lamb has no inhibitions when it comes to people.

Now Melvin is out on the pasture and making friends with our other ram lamb.  I can tell those two little hellions will be the terror of the barnyard before too long!  And that will do it for lambing this Spring, two healthy boys.  And I'm off...I promise I'll post more photos later...if you can drag me in from the barn.


  1. that black and white coloring! how cute is this!
    i would sleep in the barn if i had such sweet tiny sheep!

  2. Melvin is just adorable! What a perfect name as well.

  3. Can't wait to meet the boys! I'm sure they will be perfect gentlemen.


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