Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Derby Jr is born

We had our first lamb on Sunday!  Typical scenario for our farm...go out to do chores and there's one extra mouth to feed.  This is Flopsy's first year as a mother, and she did splendidly.  I was not expecting lambs this early, but I should have known; first-time mothers tend to deliver sooner rather than later.  We promptly moved the pair indoors as we're in the middle of a week-long rainstorm (not to mention 45 degree temps and a steady wind).  Mama and baby are doing just fine.

Little Lamb is a spitting image of his daddy, Derby.  Sadly Derby passed away this winter from natural causes.  He was truly the gentlest ram I've ever seen, and he shed his wool each Spring.  He would stand quietly for me while I pulled handful after handful from his back and belly, the most beautiful chocolate brown wool.  I wonder if Junior here will be the same.

Now that Spring has sprung, so to speak, I'm anxiously trotting out to the barn several times a day to check our other ewe, another first-timer.  More lamby photos to come!


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