Wednesday, November 19, 2014

my beginners lace

Lace knitting is on my bucket list.  More specifically a traditional Shetland Wedding Shawl is on my bucket list, and it may stay in the 'to do' column a few years longer.  Reason being is that I just finished my first lace project.  I'm wondering why I waited so long to do this?  It was a great intro project that, mercifully, didn't require months on the needles.  I learned a few new stitches and how to read a chart. 

I used some of my homespun yarn, a single ply compliments of Elf.  Although it doesn't show in the photo very well, the actual color is a light grey.  My consistency wasn't awesome on this yarn so the thick and thin of the strand creates a bit of wonkiness to the lace pattern, but then it also hides my mistakes.

The piece measures 12" by 30" simply because I stopped when I ran out of yarn.  It's not exactly long enough to wrap like a scarf but does drape over my shoulders like a small shawl so I'm going with that.  Actually I'm tempted to cut it up and use it in a sewing project.  If I stabilized it on the back with a nice piece of wool fabric to show off the pattern, it would make a gorgeous accent.  Perhaps a vest front or yoke on a fall jacket?  I suppose for now I'll drape it somewhere in the house and bask in the accomplishment for a few days while I ponder my next move.  Do I get back to the wheel and spin something finer?  Or hit the yarn shop for a more complicated pattern that is the next step in the looong uphill climb toward that wedding shawl?


  1. bopeep - that is pretty impressive for a first in lace knitting - and homespun yarn! wow!
    can you sew it up to a cowlneck-like-thingy? so you would´t need to cut into....

  2. It turned out beautifully! You are brave! I just quietly put away my lace scarf project after attempting it multiple times. I bought the kit from a cashmere goat farm. It is lovely and soft, yellow cashmere yarn.There is nothing wrong with the kit. It is just too difficult for me. So it will be on my list of things to do in the future, after I get a little more experience.


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