Tuesday, June 2, 2015

1930s Dressing Gown

This past month one of my good friends got married.  She and her new husband were already settled in a house and didn't need the proverbial china and silver, so I decided to take a less traditional route.  Using the 1930s Butterfly Blouse pattern from Decades of Style, I opted for a romantic Dressing Gown.

It's even on sale!

I had a beautiful piece of burn-out velvet.  Well, maybe it's more like burn-out flocking?  The black is flocked and the white areas are sheer.  It had a wonderful hand to it, lightweight with a nice drape.  The sheerness is prefect for a romantic, sophisticated wedding night for a couple who, ahem, isn't 18 anymore but still feels the magic.

The pattern is straight-forward and sews together very nicely.  Aside from the obvious lengthening of the overall garment, I made only minor adjustments, most notably the edging.  Because of the sheer fabric, I opted for a 1/4 inch rolled hem instead of the French binding as was instructed.  Also, I cut a more generous sash from poly chiffon.  Fit-wise, I was expecting more built-in ease given that it is a wrap.  If you're actually sewing a blouse, the pattern is perfect; not too bulky around the waist but still has good coverage across the bustline.  However, for a robe, I would consider going up a size just for a bit more ease and wrap.

Overall, I was very happy with the robe.  Luckily my friend is the same size as me so fitting was a snap.  Wearing this was quite a change from my cotton housecoats and wool winter bathrobes.  It felt so dramatic!  Any girl who's ever had a nice piece of black lingerie knows the feeling.  I definitely will be making this pattern again for myself, but I think I'll stick with a breezy, Summer blouse.  Don't want all that Mae West glamour going to my head!


  1. How beautiful and what a perfect wedding gift! It wouldn't suit me (short) but I am happy to see this lovely pattern made up.

  2. you made a wonderful wedding present!! sooo glamorous!!
    btw - your hair looks fantastic in this pics! - can i borrow a little piece of your hair dressing skills? :-)
    can´t wait to see the cotton blouse!!
    sunny greetings! xxxxx

  3. Beautiful! What a lovely idea for a wedding present.

  4. Love this as a robe and I'm wondering how much fabric it took. I may have to make one of these...


  5. Woah, this looks so glamerous! I actually just bought the blouse pattern to attempt a similar thing :-) It's so hard to find nice sleepwear in stores, or vintage garments in a good condition. I am not too fussy about the condition of vintage things generally but I somehow don't like stains or signs of wear on sleepwear. Nice to see that there are alternatives!


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