Saturday, April 30, 2011

Peppermint Patti with her boys

Momma number three at the Willow Homestead gave birth to a pair of twin ram lambs.   After a few days in the barn, she was off and running in the pasture.  Literally.  Those two have to tag team her when they're hungry otherwise she seems to have little interest in nursing. 

This is Patti's third time at motherhood, but she's a little slow at getting settled in.  While she does keep an eye on them (mostly) and will answer their calls when they get lost (mostly), she isn't as maternally-minded as the other girls.

Both boys were born black, but one is already starting to grow out white (as both mom and dad are white).

However, learning the fine arts of persistance and tenacity, the boys are getting adequate milk and have plenty of energy to keep up with each other and their mother.  I'm confident that they'll grow up healthy and strong, although quite likely Patti will wean them early!

Before too long these two little ones will flock up with the three older spotted lambs, and then the race will be on!

So that leaves only one more ewe waiting to deliver!
Hope she picks a sunny day!

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