Sunday, March 25, 2012

100th Post Give-Away

And what would be more appropriate for my 100th post than an apron, of course! 

A few months back my mom moved into a new house and was forced to do a major re-evaluation of her belongings.  Everything that was before deemed necessary was now up for debate.  Luckily for me, that box full of vintage '30s and '40s aprons was no longer deemed necessary to her lifestyle.  Years of rummaging, long before feedsack aprons were even on the radar of antique dealers, my mom amassed a nice collection.  While all of the aprons still have lots of life left, she had intended to cut them up for quilting.  I will probably do the same.  Some will go for quilt projects; others for summer blouses; but a few have already been put to use in the kitchen.

My give-away apron is from that box and, boy, is it a beauty!  It's a full-coverage style that harkens back to those days when Oma bustled about the kitchen, cooking, hanging laundry and shooing the chickens out of the garden.  No half aprons for her!  There was work to be done!  

The tiny floral print is accented nicely by the even tinier contrast trim.  One patch pocket is perfect for your hanky or clothespin.

The apron slips on over the head and ties at the back waist.  It is a little too big for me, but then I'm only 5 feet tall, and should fit the most of you just about right. 

So here's how to enter the give-away:

1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me you favorite apron memory.  Was it your Grandma who always had a stash of Werther's in the pocket, or was it your pre-schooler wearing your too-big apron for baking Christmas cookies?

2.  Entries must be posted by Thursday, March 29th.  A winner will be drawn at random on Friday, March 30th.

A big thank you to everyone who follows my blog!   Over the past year, you've allowed me to share my excitement about dog fur yarn and old Electrolux vacuum cleaners.  You've heard too much information about the amount of manure on our farm. You've listened to me brag about all my sewing projects and scrolled through waaay too many photos of my sheep.  And yet you keep coming back!  I really enjoy all of my blogosphere friendships and will continue to keep you updated on the Homestead happenings (psst, we'll be lambing in the next month or so).  Thanks again, Everyone! 


  1. My favorite apron story has nothing to do with the past. It has to do with a friend. Her and her husband are up in years and on a fix income. They are very kind and loving. They would help anyone in need. Something a lot of us have forgotten over time. I notice her wearing a house coat as an apron. So I got her an apron. She was so happy. It was something so small to me but big to her. Her joy in it lifted my spirits that day.. I was the one who got a great gift that day. I would love to win this apron.Not for me ,but for her.

  2. I saw this apron and then saw my Beloved Aunt Mildred, gone 40 years now, wearring it. A vivid memory of her standing in the kitchen doorway to interject a point into the conversation going on in the dining room. Many Thanks for bringing the oh so happy moment to my mind.

  3. If I would win. I would give it to my wife or daughter. They still wear them!

  4. Hello recently retired, and making aprons, always loved them have my share of them, and now creating them, my favorites are my memory aprons, they are made of loved ones items, for example: a plaid work shirt, or maybe a hankie , or a sun dress, add contrast fabric, my fav polka dots, and wala 40 hrs later an old memory making new memories, will be posting them on your photo bucket pg, but I need instructios, thanks , Darlene

    1. Hi Mama Dar, click on the photobucket link located on the righthand side under the Apron Challenge pic or follow this link
      You'll need to register with photobucket if you don't already have an account. At the top of the page is a blue link "Add photos and videos to this group album" Thanks for sharing!

      PS. I'm pretty sure my jangly coins will have to be hand washed. :)

    2. Thanks BoPeep. i was tring to do it off my Ipad, had to get on the main computer, i posted one of my aprons on the site but it is under Island Grissom, that was my alias when I was a working girl on an oil Island in Long Beach, calif. Now I'm home sewing, love your site, and congrats on your 100th post , im here to see another 100!

  5. Congrats on 100 posts!
    I think my favorite apron memory was when I was at just the right size to wear the apron that had been my mother's when she was a child. I was just big enough to reach the counter while standing on my special stool and we would make pie crust together. Mom and i have made many a pie crust together since then over the years - though in much bigger aprons for us both. The feel of a soft cotton apron always makes me think of fun bonding time in the kitchen. I love that she now gets to do the same with my nieces and nephew! :)

  6. Yay for reaching 100 posts! I'm looking forward to continuing to follow your adventures through the next 100. :-)

    One of my favourite memories is from when I was living in Hungary, staying with a family there for a year. At Christmas time we all got dressed up in traditionally styled aprons for the fun of it for the evening and while we were giving each other presents. Lots of laughter, bright colours, and good memories.

  7. congrats on your 100th post!
    my apron love and memories all come from my late grandmother,she always wore one,a different style for different cooking/baking tasks.
    When she passed her aprons were left to me....such a special gift.

  8. Congrats on your 100th post. I'm 45 and from the generation I grew up in - all the women in my life wore aprons. What I love best when thinking about my mom's apron, was all the love inside of it...from wiping tears to runny noses....when you had to bury your face in her apron she would wrap you up with all that love...Blessings from Ringle.

  9. Here is to 100 more! My youngest daughter, who is now 11, has always loved aprons and wears them any time she does something in the kitchen. She has kept all of them, from her first tiny Paddington Bear apron bought on a trip to London to the ones she has used for 4H and that she has made. I just have to see one of her growing collection to have very happy memories! I would love to give this one to her for her collection!!

  10. Congratulations and I hope you keep are an inspiration!!

  11. Congrats on 100 posts!

    My mom gave me a very old apron that she had got from my grandmother. My mom's older sister, who happened to be visiting at the time, recognized it as one that my great-grandmother had made. Wow! Her possessions are jealously guarded by my family members, which makes it a rare privilege to receive on of them. I proudly hang it in my kitchen where I can see it every day; a direct link back through the generations of women I love to a woman I don't remember but who I think would understand me and my life very well. I've always wished I had known her, and I will always treasure her apron. It actually reminds me somewhat of the one you are giving away.

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  13. Congrats on you 100th post! Love the blog. My grandma had all kinds of aprons in different colors of checkered gingham. I always liked to see which one she had on since they were so colorful.


  14. That's a beauty. My mom was never one for aprons, and doesn't get my obsession. But that's ok, because I just love them!

    I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog. I truly appreciate it.

  15. Congrats on 100 posts! I don't really have many apron memories. No one in my family wears them except me. I suppose my favourite memory would be from high school fashion class when I finished sewing my first apron. It has lots of ruffles, and almost looks like a dress. It took a lot of work and I was very proud of it :)


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