Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reuse It: Thanksgiving

As we bask in the afterglow of Thanksgiving, here are a few thoughts on how to reuse the leftovers.  And I'm not talking about the turkey because moms everywhere know that we'll disguise that into every meal for the next few weeks.  
What about the other odds and ends?

1. Hang it up.
String whatever you haven't boiled up with orange peel and decorate!  (Hint: the fresh cranberries will shrink as they dry so be prepared for a more 'craisin' looking decor.)

 2. Dice and freeze.
Because that $1.19 bunch of celery won't last forever, freeze it in cubes, then toss into bags for the next holiday dinner (which very likely will be turkey soup made with stock from the boiled carcass).
3.  Bag for a gag.
Not in the mood to make rice krispy squares with all your leftover marshmellows?  We've all heard of -ahem- snowman poop.  I don't know a child anywhere (of any age) that wouldn't giggle at that gift.
4. Add to everything.
I'm not sure about your house, but here, well we've never had a problem using up excess whipping cream.  We start with coffee and cocoa, move through the list of the obvious, and finally just resort to spoons.
5. Break for good luck.
And don't forget the wishbone, probably the most fun leftover of all.  This has a power second only to Letters to Santa and Mom Spit.  Not to be taken lightly.

No matter how you decide to reuse it, know that the feeling of Thanksgiving will continue to linger.  And don't we all wish that we could keep that glow just a bit longer?

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  1. Love the orange peel-cranberry garland idea! Also, thanks for the celery tip. I never get through a whole bunch of celery before it spoils, so I definitly will be making some of my next bunch into ice cubes!

    Kateri @


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