Monday, December 5, 2011

Apron Challenge: December

Flocked Scotty dogs on taffeta!  Now I ask you, what says 'apron' better than taffeta?!  October was cotton; November was wool suiting; this just seemed a natural progression into the unusable.  lol  But oh so fun to wear!

psst...that's mistletoe, by the way...

Because my taffeta was a remnant, I was forced to put a horizontal seam running across the middle of the apron.  Ug.  This prompted some creativity on how to hide that seam, hence, the gathering.

I took four deep pleats down the each side.  Then added the ruffles.

The ruffle consists of 4inch wide green lingerie lace and two layers of red tulle with black edging.  The green lace was 50cents at the local thrift store, and the red tulle was salvaged off a petticoat I had bought this summer.  To cover the stitching lines, I added the gold braid.

The sides curve up nicely due to the pleats.  The top of the waistband is arched for a more flattering fit.  And I used up the last of the tulle ruffle for the ties in back.  This apron has no basis whatsoever in 1940s or 50s designs (other than maybe the Scotty dogs).  In fact as I was sewing, I had the distinct feeling that I was working on a bustle dress!  But it was fun to throw practicality out the window, not have to follow a pattern, and just nip and tuck my way along.  Now I must plan a house party so I have a chance to actually wear it!  

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to you and yours!
(both in the kitchen and out)


  1. I own two Scotties and love that apron. So jealous : )

  2. Who cares if it's practical? It's stinkin' adorable! The hostess is supposed to look flawless, as though she whipped together this fabulous party effortlessly, right? I think you would pull that off in this apron. I love it!

    I have a red plaid taffeta skirt from the 50's with flocked black bows. I never wear it. Perhaps it needs to be transformed into a fabulous apron. Thanks for the inspiration!

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  3. It looks so cute!! I am soooo behind on this challenge. I still haven't started my October apron, although I have fabric for it...

  4. That apron is sooo cute! Love the bustle/sides very flattering - nice combo of colors for edging! Blessings from Ringle

  5. That's a hostess-with-the-mostest apron! Too scrumptious!

  6. What a very nice apron...and perfect for a dinner party! :)



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