Friday, January 6, 2012

Apron Challenge: January

Having finished all my Christmas sewing, I was finally able to think about my January apron.  The only problem was that my eggnog-laden brain totally lacked any creative ideas.  And my Spritz cookie sore fingers lacked motivation.  

So one day over vacation while my daughter and I sloshed through the pile of dirty dishes, I asked her what to do.  "Oh, just use white and purple and blue like snowflakes," she said.  Ah, sheer genius!

So I took her quite literally at her word and created this simple cotton apron.

I found two cool shades in my box of solids (because some day I'll get to that Amish quilt, after all).  Such a treat to be sewing a sensible cotton after that Scottie dog taffeta!  Then I used Heat 'n Bond to apply the snowflakes (same method I used on my spooky eyes).

Although it's not very flashy,  this is my style.  All those childhood years of watching "Little House on the Prairie" really stuck with me.  Of course, I do like to toss on the chiffon crinoline more often now. 

And just in case you weren't able to get a good look at the fabulous 1947 Frigidaire behind me, here she is!

Best rummage sale find EVER!  Saved from certain fate as a beer fridge, this little baby is a highlight in my kitchen.  Truly, I'm starting to think that I have an unhealthy love affair with vintage appliances, what with all the Sunbeams I have stashed in the pantry.  But look at that badge, "Made Only by General Motors."  My heart sings!

So back to the topic at hand . . .I'd love to see your Apron Challenge creations.  Don't forget to post photos and links in our photo album.


  1. Love it! Simplicity is a thing of beauty. Our daughters do know how to come up with good ideas :).

  2. I just stumbled across your blog by participating in my first homestead barn hop. I spent hours last week searching pinterest and etsy for inspiration for an apron. I have never made an apron or even worn one that I can remember, but I had this overwhelming urge to make a cool one in my style to wear around the house. I am so glad there are others out there with that same weird urge! Can anyone participate in your apron challenge and is it too late to join? I am WAY too excited about making an apron right now!

  3. I'm sorry was there an apron in this post? I was too busy staring at your fridge. Jealous!

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac


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