Monday, February 13, 2012

Barnyard Romance

I've been suspicious for weeks.  Now I have proof.  Bosley, not a puppy anymore, has taken a fancy to our oldest ewe, Mammy.  Well more accurately speaking, Mammy took a fancy to him and is gently encouraging things along with her ewe-ly wiles.  One day while Bosley was chewing on the guard off an apple tree (in general he helps himself to whatever in the yard is not nailed down), Mammy quietly sauntered over to strike up a conversation.

Mammy kept it casual at first, but she was clever enough to keep the conversation about Bosley, throwing in just the right amount of flattery without seeming too obvious.  Mammy's almost 11 years old now and has a few tricks under her fleece.  Her previous extra-ovine affair was with our Collie/Lab cross, Gunther.  Theirs was a long and special relationship.

As I watched, Bosley seemed a little preoccupied.  Most likely the tree guard that he'd selected wasn't quite as palatable as he'd assumed, and he was scanning the yard for other possibilities.  Perhaps he should just go directly to the apple tree itself?  Or a rusty iron wagon wheel is always good in a pinch.  But then maybe, because of his inexperienced youth, Bosley was just a bit shy with the female sex.  Sure, Mammy was easy on the eyes, but really, where would all this sweet-talking lead?

After quite a while, Bosley stood to make his goodbyes.  An exchanged sniff, a quick lick of the nose, and he was off.  Mammy stayed by the fence for a few minutes longer but finally walked out to the back pasture to join the others.  Later CoCo complained to me that Mammy was bragging about how she had another one eating out of her hoof, but then I've never known Mammy to be insincere.  And CoCo is still trying to get over the fact that Dexter was all romance last month, but has now left her high and dry, choosing to live in the ram's barn.  Ah yes, love is in the air this month, if only you know where to find it!  Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. That is too cute! Made me smile :)

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  3. Love knows no species. I'm glad they found one another. :)

  4. Aw! How adorable! I really do love your stories! So much so, that I've awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. If you're into that kind of stuff, there are more details on my blog, Down the Retro Rabbit Hole.


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