Monday, March 19, 2012

My Peacock Obsession Continues!

I really can't explain why, but for the past few months, I've had peacocks on the brain!  Now I have absolutely no desire to add those screeching birds to the homestead.  Have you ever heard them in real life?  Very loud.  And honestly, the geese have no problem filling the noise quota around here.  But something about that color blue draws me in . . . it's just settled into my subconscious. 

And what's even more suspicious is that I've been finding (and purchasing) peacock-inspired . . . stuff!  All of a sudden, it's popping out of the woodwork.  Everywhere!  Or perhaps I'm just now noticing it.  But whatever it is, I'm running with it.

This fabulous Lands' End sweater was on sale over Christmas.  So I swiped it up without a second thought and made the gold satin skirt to match. The skirt made it's debut last weekend and seems to be a good addition to my closet.  Who would have thunk it?  And the sweater is eye-catching but still practical enough to be worn often.

Then I had this old black felt hat laying around from one of my thrift store trips.  What could be better than a peacock hat?!  I trimmed it with the leftover gold satin and an old coat button.  More details here at Hometown Victory Girls on the construction process.  And of course one afternoon of surfing etsy resulted in a fab silk purse from American Purse Supplies.  I promise you I was not intentionally searching for a peacock purse!  But I ordered the kit (highly recommended if you're in the market for such an item - easy to follow directions and quality materials) and voila, a perfect clutch!

Still in the planning stages is a peacock blue dress.  Seeing as I have a hat and purse, I might as well make it all worth while, don't you think?!  I bought 5 yards of this slubbed satin for a 1950s dress.  So just use your imagination and picture 3/4 length sleeves, fitted bodice, a full skirt . . . or maybe a pencil skirt, I'm not sure yet.  I'd love to make one of those styles that has a short, detachable train or peplum off the back, but if it's too formal, I'll never have a chance to wear it.  The pin-up in me wants to just go for it and (as usual) fabricate an excuse to wear it.  But the practical farm girl in me is cautioning towards a more sensible knee-length dress that could be worn to church.

It's gotten so bad that during a recent online search for new barn boots, I stopped, slack-jawed, and ogled these peacock Wellies from Target!!   Picture these beauties covered in manure . . .still worth it.

Ah well, if I think about it, last summer I couldn't get enough of  pink and aqua.  Dresses, purses, shoes; I rounded out that color combination pretty quickly.  This summer it appears that peacock blue is the obsession of choice. I am planning to make a peacock-inspired apron for my September Apron Challenge, but you'll have to wait until then to find out the significance. 

So what's your latest obsession?  Do share!


  1. I love peacocks too. The colors, the feathers and I do actually want one on my homestead :) Those boots are great, I would probably have a hard time not getting them!

  2. Well you certainly know how to add some excitement to the world. I love what you're sewing up and collecting and will only encourage you to continue!
    I love peacock feathers- all the things they go with, lol! There are just so many places to use them.
    I was amazed this past winter while wasting time on the 'net I found that there were like 18 different COLORS of peacocks - and that made me start dreaming about having a few unique ones...but I cannot imagine why they would be a good choice on a homestead either. (We only have 10 acres and houses nearby us in this subdivision would hear them as well as the coyotes).
    Have FUN!

  3. loved he post and guess what? my wellies have roosters on them and they are hot pink!!

  4. I too have been very drawn to the colors of peacocks. I'd never think of owning after spending a day at the Milwaukee Cty Zoo! They are every where and making racket all day.


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