Monday, May 14, 2012

Striker and ZoomZoom

Yes, we named them.  And every farmer knows what that means.  Emotional attachment.  It's a gamble to name a ram lamb that is only one week old.  I typically like to wait a full year to assess their horns before making a definite decision.  Fatal horns that grow towards the head automatically means butcher lamb.  But I found myself referring to this little guy as "Eye Patches" or just "Patches" and that name wouldn't suit me long term. I decided on Striker because he has a white tip on his tail that reminded me of matches.

Striker and his mama, Smudge, are doing great.  For a first time mother, her instincts kicked in immediately (LOVE Shetlands!!).  It only took one confrontation with the geese for them to realize that her lamb was off limits. She rushed the three adults - twice in quick cessation - when they starting hissing at Striker.

If the tail's a waggin', the milk is flowin'!
But if you plan to stay a while, you might as well get comfortable.

The other lamb was born a few days later.  Hank named him ZoomZoom. 

His mother, Ginger, has done this before.  Her instincts are just as strong, but she's not quite as anxious as Smudge.  New moms tend to dance around a lot, constantly checking their lambs.  Ginger just stares you down.

I've found that ram lambs are typically more curious and braver than ewe lambs.  They get comfortable with people a lot quicker.  This early bond is very gratifying, but once they get older - and their horns are larger - you need to establish clear boundaries and teach them who is in charge.  A fifteen pound lamb butting your leg is cute.  Not so cute when they're sixty pounds and butting your thigh.

But for the next couple of months, it's all fun and games.  Striker and ZoomZoom are already becoming friends and testing the thickness of their skulls.  I'm waiting for one more ewe to lamb out.  She's so wide; I feel sorry for her!  I expect twins from her so I'll keep you posted!


  1. How sweet, good luck, keep us posted

  2. I really enjoyed seeing your lambs, so sweet!

  3. My son raised lambs for 4H and we all got attached to them. he named the first one lambchop thinking it would make it easier to send to the butcher, but it didn't help. They're way too cute when they are little. Striker and ZoomZoom are ADORABLE.

  4. They are so cute. I brought a friend of mine to your site. She fell in love with your towel with the fan dancer on it. She had me make her one. It turned out so cute, that I will have to make me one.

  5. I love your new babies. I wish I had room for sheep. I have three goats and a bunch of hens but thats it. I wish you very good luck with your new sweeties.

  6. So sweet, love the beauty of nature and nuturing mamas. I don't think not naming them would make it easy for me to see them go.

  7. HOW ADORABLE!!!!! Please come link up at our new DIYlinky party at


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