Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Swirl of Blue

How joyous it is when the weather warms up, and dresses that were purchased last Fall can finally be worn?!  I've been waiting on this one for months now! 

It's my second official Swirl dress.  The first one is yellow gingham with pink and purple embroidery down the front.  I wore it a lot last summer.  Cool, comfy, big patch pockets to hold used twine, clothespins and peanuts for the sheep.  Watch "I Love Lucy" again; Ethel wears these all the time.

This new one is light blue with pink facings on the neck and armholes.

The detail on the front is of a cafe patio set.  The colored pieces are appliqued down and everything is outlined with a close, white stitching.  The back wraps and has one button at the neck.  Two generous pockets on the side seams are already collecting pennies found in the washing machine.  This dress does have a few stains, so once again, it will be part of my "play clothes."  Yesterday the cows insisted on tasting the hemline.  Guess it's christened now! 


  1. cute dress. Can you put applique over the stains in a pattern that matches the dress. It looks to pretty to be just for play clothes

    1. Unfortunately no. The worst stain is right up along the neckline, a yellowish blob about 1.5" in diameter. Baby burp-up? lol It's covered if I wear a cardigan though.

  2. This is awesome! I have been searching for something good to wear whilst doing housework, you have now solved my problem XD

  3. That's a lovely dress. It looks so comfortable and it's so pretty. Ok, now I need some. I'd be living in that all summer.


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