Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Steampunk Airship Pirate: Part II

So obviously I'm going for the fashion statement of the century here.  Today I had planned to stay home and clean the house, hence the rollers.  Well, as you can see, I am home, but not cleaning.  My sewing machine sucked me in.

I decided to tackle the pirate pants.  Clean bathrooms are overrated anyways.  These were actually very fun to sew.  I used a pattern posted on Multiculturalism for Steampunk.  This blog has been a great source for my Turkish-inspired costume.  Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Miss Kagashi is updating her blog anymore, but her source material is excellent.


I didn't follow her pattern exactly (big surprise, I know), but it was a great starting point.  I used a burgundy poly satin to compliment the blue silk jacket I had finished earlier.  Each pant leg is the full width of the fabric (44" wide) which means I had almost 88" to gather onto the waistband.  I took deep pleats all the way around.  I left off the bottom cuffs and simply gathered the leg onto elastic.

I also added a 7" zipper at the centerback and black satin ties to close the waist.  The waistband is made from the black tapestry that I used to make the vest (you haven't seen that yet).  So now all four major pieces are finished: the shirt, jacket, vest and pants.  And I am in "embellishment mode."  The whole ensemble is on my dressform, and I keep draping braid and lace and tassels and belts and chains to find just the right effect.  Typical conservative me has to push the limit of trims and then push it a bit more to really get that true steampunk feel. 

Check back here if you're curious about how this all started.


  1. Your outfit is going to be AWESOME! And I sure know about the sewing machine sucking you in alright!

    Are you listening to Abney Park while you work? Check them out if you're not familiar with them; they are the BEST Steampunk band!

    You look adorable in your curlers and no make-up. :)

    Look forward to seeing your continued progress and finished costume.

  2. Looks awesome ! Can't wait to see you model the whole outfit. You have my imagination going.

  3. Samantha HansenMay 1, 2013 at 8:19 AM

    I think this was the look MC Hammer was going for. They do look comfy!

  4. Great job I can't wait to see the finished products all put together!!!!

  5. i can´t wait to see the whole outfit! and your zeppelin ;-)


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