Friday, May 10, 2013

Steampunk Airship Pirate: Part III

Let me begin by saying that I am feeling sooo much better about this project now that I've finally gotten to the 'embellishment stage.'  The first photos I took revealed a pirate that was slightly predictable and perhaps a little crazy.  This project started out like so many other sewing projects by not living up to the wildly creative picture in my imagination.  But layer after layer, I think we're finally getting somewhere.

For the final piece of the outfit, I chose a heavily slubbed tapestry that looks like it has been trampled under my feet for the past 100 years.  Using the same pattern, I cut a long-line vest which scoops under the bust.  The tails are split at both side seams allowing for ease of movement.  I also added small caps at the shoulders.  The vest is fully lined with the same blue silk I used for the jacket.

Last night Hank hammered some rivets for me, putting the wide black belt onto the vest.  I dug out every brass button I could find (discovering enough plastic washdress buttons to last me a lifetime) and used them on the shirt and silk jacket.  A linen sash and cutlass add a nice touch, but it needed more brass.

I added chains to the shoulder caps.  The small metal purse hangs off the sash on its own brass buckle and loops up to a brooch on the shoulder.  I tell you, the devil is in the details, and even though I'm loving this so far, I think I can do more.  Next up is the turban which will have a few bits of brass and tassels of its own.  And since I have coerced my girlfriend into playing dress-up, I promise to post some photos with an actual model next time. 

Check out a recap of Part I and II.


  1. I love that you are blogging about this in segments! It's like watching a serial! <3

  2. I love the way it's turning out. The details are the best (I'm a detail person myself). I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like on.

    PS--I had some of that blue voile! I made curtains out of it long ago in our first house!

  3. It's really neat to see this one coming together! The tapestry is beautiful!


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