Thursday, May 23, 2013

farmpunk haute couture

The House of Alexander McQueen has wowed us over the years, but the current 2013 Spring collection has been seeping into my thoughts ever since it was released.  For the past many months, while I'm sewing winter necessities, Easter dresses and Steampunk pirates, my mind's eye continually wandered back to the golden, sticky, sweet fantasy that is McQueen.  It's a fusion of the Christian Dior's New Look silhouette and farmpunk.  How could I not sew this into my closet?!

Each style has not only a fitted waistline (which I really appreciate) but also a full skirt or peplum to give the classic hourglass silhouette. 


The honeycomb pattern is everywhere.  And the tortoise shell accessories are a distinct nod back to the 1950s.

I also really like the blouse treatment in the photo to the right.  I think I have a 1940s pattern that could be adjusted to more closely match this McQueen. 


This dress is one of my favorites as I can easily envision a ready-to-wear version.  I know I have a pattern for this full-skirted style, although I'm not sure I can re-create the honeycomb pleating around the hips.  The plastic tortoise shell corset could be replicated with wide trims in ribbon or accent fabric.

This one is also gorgeous but perhaps a bit too much for grocery shopping in rural Pasturelands.

These beekeeper hats are also phenomenal!  I just purchased a wide-brimmed straw hat at the thrift last week, so maybe I'll have to do some experimenting.

Take a look here for the entire McQueen collection.  And stay tuned to the Homestead for my version!  I am envisioning netting and burlap and fly-away dresses...


  1. I'm afraid my first though was "the model seems to have got herself stuck in the lampshade" lol.

    That aside. The honeycomb texture on the skirt is just honeycomb smocking, one of the simplest smocking stitches. It's super time-consuming as it's lots of individual hand stitches, but not overly difficult.

  2. Sounds like your onto something here!

  3. I don't get the hats, but I'm really looking forward to seeing your take on the whole thing. Please keep us updated!

  4. you go Girl! Thanks for including the link to McQueens Fashion Show, Wow!!


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