Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summertime capris!

This was my most recent sewing project, a pair of capris and tie-front top, made for the Blue Ribbon Beer Run Car Show held last Saturday.  The show was held at the historic Pabst Brewing Company grounds, downtown Milwaukee.  Great time.  But I knew the weather was going to be brutally hot and walking on blacktop all day didn't sound like ideal crinoline weather. 

I dug in my stash for this piece of border print.  The obvious choice would have been a gathered skirt, but *ug* I just wasn't feeling it.  Too predictable.  I had a blouse in mind so I started with the pants.  Easy-peasy, side-zip, made several from this pattern.

And then I was looking at the scraps and formulating a plan to use them in a clothespin bag.  But after trying on above-mentioned blouse with these pants, I decided to eek out a top instead.  I used Hollywood Pattern 1585 (which I've also made before).  The original print had a fairly wide, solid aqua band at the bottom.  I cut most of it off for the pants, but needed to use it in the top.  I would have loved for the border to continue around the back of the top, but no such luck.  I'm happy to report that the scraps leftover from the top have gone into the garbage!  Really, there was nothing left to salvage.  But maybe a hotpad...

And I'll leave you with one official photo from the car show with my friend Jennie who does Marilyn Monroe appearances.   Here's to all your summer sewing projects!


  1. I like the print on that fabric. Very nice!!! I love what you did with it, and it looks like the show was great!

  2. what a funny pretty little suit!
    looks like the perfect choice for the heat - dont know why but we have often the same weather like your neck of the woods. have to check the latitude......

  3. Super cute Bopeep and I love that picture of you and Jenny.

  4. How adorable is that! I hope to be able to sew like that someday.

  5. Very VERY cute! You look adorable! :)


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