Sunday, July 21, 2013

Keep Calm and Mom On

Well, Mothers, we're just a little over halfway through the Summer.
Will you survive the rest of it?

When your days get tedious and impossible, remember that without us...

...that pile at the bottom of the stairs would never get taken up.
...the mail would never be sorted out.
...the dirty socks would remain forever under the couch.
...homework would never be signed.
...library books would never be returned.
...bus drivers would never get Christmas gifts.
...extended family would never get birthday cards.
...the litter box would turn into concrete. one would ever go to the dentist.
...bedtimes would never be enforced.
...the houseplants would never be...who am I kidding, there would be no houseplants.
...pancakes would become standard dinner fare...who am I kidding, I love pancakes.

This post was inspired by an amazing, homesteading, homeschooling mother of five under the age of ten.  Four of her children were adopted out of the foster care system and the fifth has been with her family for almost a year now.   Recently on facebook, she posted a list of her blessings.  She began with...

"Reality:  This morning I woke up to find the first floor of my house covered in maggots.  Blessing:  My house is now cleaner than it has been in months, and my son got a first-hand look at why we don't steal food and hide it."

Keep Calm and Mom On


  1. LOL great story. We had that same problem with our daughter. She would hide bowls of ice cream in her dress drawers, among other things.
    She is deathly afraid of spiders. My husband find a big dead one in the yard. He put it under her bed. We then told her to clean her room and to make sure to get under the bed. It didn't take long till we heard this blood curdling scream. Her dad told her that spiders like to live where there is food for them to eat. From that day forward she has never eaten or taken food to her room . It's amazing what a spider can do. LOL

    1. Oh my gosh! That's perfect! Neither of my kids hide food, thankfully. And hats off to you and your husband for being so creative!

  2. UM bus driver a christmas card? Am I supposed to do that? My kids would have to live on pizza and hot dogs if it was up to my husband to make dinner.


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