Thursday, October 23, 2014

Waverly upholstery samples


Recently I purchased a pack of Waverly upholstery samples from the 1960s.  The line was titled "New Hope" and came still stapled to the cardboard hanger.  Each smaller swatch had a label on the back, and the larger piece was almost a half yard.  Hmmm, a pencil skirt?  A tote bag?  Throw pillows?

I finally decided on a table runner.  I laid out the swatches in three rows, creating a simple off-set brick pattern.  Colors needed to be swapped around a bit, and then I was off to the sewing machine.  It seemed a bit clunky so I cut a few swatches in half, repositioned the rows and finished it up.  I backed it with the half yard piece and bound it off in muslin.  My quilting which barely shows up on the busy print is a free-motion zigzag.

My sewing room stills contains the half-finished wiggle dress, the pile of jeans with blown out knees, and the Mad Scientist Halloween costume, but I needed a break.  This project had been floating in my head for a while and in a matter of a few hours, over the course of a couple days, I had something new for the dinner table.  Instant gratification isn't always a bad thing.


  1. beautiful cute pattern!
    would´t be wonderful to have some meters of it to sew a mini collection of skirts, dresses etc. ??
    on the other side - there are lots of "ufos" too in my sewing room. should finish them first :-)

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with. You are so creative. I am amazed every time you post something new that you made.

  3. I picked up some samples from JoAnne's when they disco'd a few patterns. They are the perfect size for pillows. I'm supposed to be working on those now! The table runner was a cute idea.


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