Thursday, October 16, 2014

gettin' witchy

Earlier this month I had the occasion to dress in my finest witch's costume and head out for a little late night shopping.  One of our local antique stores was hosting their annual Witches' Night Out, an evening for ladies to shop while nibbling on cheesecakes and pumpkin spice coffee.  Special sales in the store and door prizes added to the fun.  But let's be honest, dressing up only for the 31st?  It's really not enough.

In previous years I'd donned the traditional pointed hat (although my dress was a far cry from the classic Wicked Witch), but this year I based my outfit on a winged headpiece.  I've been under the creative influence of Alexander McQueen  for quite some time and the use of feathers, wings and birds is very common in his collections.  For this relatively simple headpiece, I purchased a 14" pair of black wings that were intended to be worn on my back.  But I bent them slightly and secured them to a headband.  Simple yet makes a statement.

To further develop the bird theme, I pinned a chicken skull to my necktie.  And yes this was one from the Homestead's flock. Alas, poor, Biddy.  I knew her well.

My skirt and blouse were from the local thrift store, but the shoes are authentic turn of the century, leather heels.  Imagine my thrill when I found these babies at an antique store, and they actually fit!  Shoes from that era are notoriously narrow.  These are nearly worn through on the sole, the nails are showing under the hourglass heels, and they are held together with shoe polish, but I love them.  I stuffed the long pointed toes with wool.  Cozy on a dark, witchy night!

My daughter and sister-in-law dressed in their finest as well, and we all headed off together, promising the menfolk that we'd be home before midnight at which time we'd all turn into pumpkins. We had a great time, meeting several friends at the shop and coming home with bellies full of cider and fudge (and cheesecake). 

But just in case my kids think they'll be getting away with any tricks this Halloween season, I threatened to turn them both into chickens!  Goodness knows my aging flock of hens haven't laid an egg in a month, and it's killing me to buy those little white excuses they sell in the grocery store!

Happy Haunting to you and yours! 


  1. you look fantastic!!!!! love the use of a chicken skull from your homestead - nothing get wasted :-)
    i have to talk with our local antique dealer for a event like that. sounds like a lot of fun!!!!
    i feel witchy too lately....

  2. I love the creative realness you bring each year to your costumes. They never look "costumey" you make us witches delightfully proud! And honestly! Your winged head dress! Swoon!!!

  3. LOVE<LOVE<LOVE your costume !!!!!

  4. I really like the costume, and your header is lovely!


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