Thursday, December 8, 2011

And then they grow up

It's no surprise that Springtime on the farm is one of the best times of year.  And I can tell you why in one word.  Babies.  Newborn lambs on wobbly legs, learning to sproing for the first time (and, yes, that's the official term for it).  Fluffy baby chicks, peeping and popping all over the coop.  Kittens mewing from who knows where in the hayloft.  Puppies who trip on their own feet.  It's pure joy.  And then they grow up.

So I thought I'd give you an update on the "babies" of our farm.  A few before and after photos, time lapse approximately 4 months.  Enjoy.  :)

Melly and Arrowhead, standing to about 18 inches at the top of the head, less then one month old.

Melly and her mother, CoCo, full-grown to the same size (about 32 inches) and in full wool.

Arrowhead, still small for a ram at only 32 inches high and bleached from the Summer sun.

Our four miraculous chicks back in early July...

...turned out to be three roosters and one hen, all beautiful snow white.

Bosley, aka. Flock Master JXK 5000, sacked out in the doorway, at 6 weeks old.

Bosley, fresh bone and ready to go!

Zehny, the little stray kitten we adopted back in September, has grown also, but I don't have any good comparison photos.   And the only thing that's grown on our two beefers, is their stomachs!  Good grief!  I'm weaning them off milk because this lugging buckets twice a day is getting old.  But when they hear me coming, it sounds like a whole collection of Fisher Price barn doors, opening and closing.  Bumper and Rusty hit those buckets so hard now that half of it spills.

Ah yes, babies are a joy indeed.  Sometimes it's sad to see them grow up.  But that's life on the farm!  And Life means there'll be more babies next Spring!


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